Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Me, Myself and I

I first heard these words in a Nestea commercial and I found it funny. Everytime I watched it, I always smiled and laughed butI never really understand the meaning of these three words, until I realized recently thatthese words are the things that sometimes people forget. We tend to give ourselves to others without having an assurance if we are ready. My parents said that in order for me to love others, learn to love myself first. They did not meant for us to be greedy towards others but to be able for me to give my genuine love i must learn to accept my own self first. Then i will be able to understand others as well. 

For me, It is the same as the first 'must' in the field of psychology, Understand yourself first before others. As i interpreted this, it is easier to us toextend our hands and understand your own personality before others. Why? Because life is a mirror or reflection of yourself.We can understand others if we understand ourselves. It is easy for us to give love, trust and positive responses to othersif we fill ourselves with these things. If we allow ourselves grow, we will also meet people who are mature enough to spend our time with.We can't totally trust others if we have doubt within ourselves.

I always like to help people to improve their self-worth. I like to encourage them but this will be a waste of time if they will not help themselves.Giving self-worth to oneself is an effort to an individual. If he will not help himself, nothing will happen and he just keep on burying himself in self-pity and disappointments. I would like to encourage my friends to take their responsibility for their self-improvement. Help themselves to help others. The very last thing on earth that we will have is OURSELVES so it is better to take a good care of it.

As side of God's gift of life, He also gave us the chance to take care of ourself.. We must fill ourselves with happiness, love, trust and we can be true to others.. :)

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