Sunday, June 3, 2012

These will be My Baby Steps

Two days ago, I went to National Catholic Charismatic Congress (NCCC) at SMX to facilitate a small group. I was assigned in Being A Friend workshop where youths and other participants thought on how to have friends and have an effective conversation between them. The speakers thought us how to listen effectively, what are the types of listeners and what should we do to become an effective listener. 

After the talk, our facilitator heads divided us to our small group field work. I was assigned to guide them to have atleast four people to have a conversation at MOA. Two of my members are pharmacy students in Binan, Laguna whom are younger than the other two from Iloilo. As we do our task in random conversations, I saw two different views from my groupmates. The youths from my group were just doing there assignment and did not really build quality conversations with people. They were just after the number we need to gather. When I asked them what brought them here at NCCC they said to me, "Requirement kasi ng Prof namin ito eh. Para daw pwede na hindi na nmin pasukan yung isang unit.". I saw some kind of 'forceful' attendance from there statement. But I just have to let it be, because I know that God made His step in coming in to their lives now. That God is starting to build His connection with these sisters from Binan. 

The other two were a bit older than me. They belong to a community (not connected with Ligaya) that encourage them to attend the congress and compared to the younger ones, they have this purpose to complete the task. They were very open to learn something new. They were open to accept the teachings from other communities and willing to find God in there activity. However, being here in Manila was one of there challenges in doing our activity, specifically the use of Tagalog language. They were some how having a difficult time communicating in Tagalog. 

During this event, I realized that not all people are really there for the purpose of knowing God. But without their physical awareness, God has this opportunity to step in to there hearts and make a difference. But it is really our choice to entertain Him and accept Him as a part of our soul and life here on Earth because God gave us our freedom to love Him or not (but it is better if WE DO! HAHA). What ever reasons that we have, we cannot stop Him from entering our lives. He has his own plans for us and  when we feel that He really doing soomething into our lives we need to start opening our hearts, accept, love Him and be the child that He wants us to be.

This was my first time to serve and handle a small group activity, serving an event with Ligaya and meeting people and do random communications (evangilization). I found it exciting because I did not really know what to expect. What will I do or magiging productive ba ako sa araw na yon. As God made his promise in Psalm 31:24 that those who have hope in Him will have strength and courage to face the unknown. Many times I become clueless to some of the activities I attended to. But as God reminded me that He is always with me so why do I need to be worry.

This will be my start (officially) for being the servant of God who will bring souls to heaven through Ligaya and UD-CYA. (Naks.. haha)