Wednesday, April 4, 2012



This is the name of the main character from the book “PUSH”, a book that encourages people to push themselves to do things that they are afraid and tired of doing to free them from the horror of their pasts.
Precious is a 16-year old illiterate child molested by her own father and caused her to be a mother of two babies. This traumatic event makes her think about stop breathing and die; sit still and wished that people will not judge her for what she experienced. But when she entered an alternative education for her situation, she met people who had seen her for who she really is, somebody who is special, who can do things best and beautiful just like her name. These people gave her the light to write her thoughts (even though she does not know how to write) by imagining of what letters does the word she was thinking just to let go of her emotions of anger, sadness, hatred, etc.

In life, we experience events that make us feel that it is better if we are dead (somehow exaggerated) or feel very angry, hate things and ended up asking ‘WHY ME?!’ and worst comes to worst blaming others or even God for whatever catastrophe happening to our lives. Bad events that gives us the feeling of lost and loneliness that pulls us hundreds of feet below the ground. But all we need is a bit glimpse of light to see a small path, maybe towards people who are greatly important to us, that will again turn our life back to normal.

I always believe that everything is happening for a purpose. We just need to find things that will guide us throughout the journey. Family, friends, God... It is only ourselves who know what we really NEED to keep a tight grip to our life. Having people who we deeply love is our strongest lamp throughout the night. The lamp that will never be empty of light, which will make us stand firm and keep holding to the end of our season.