Thursday, May 24, 2012

CYA (three letters with life-changing power)

CYA, three letters with life-changing power. Why? because wonderful changes came to me when I started accepting them as part of my life. I became more joyful, happier, and even having more friends. Changes with my character - my faith, my perspectives, my hope, my love for my family and friends - became the most wonderful improvements that I observed.

Photo By: Bea Malveda - Punta Fuego Outing
I also encouraged and learned how to express my love and my thoughts by their way of sharing, and how to be more responsible daughter and child of God. Another is that, I experienced to be a leader a my school (which I really do not have any wishful thinking that I would become). Through CYA, I learned to look at people around me as my greatest gifts. Serving and making them happy with full of Joy are my ways of gratitude to God. Most significant was I started to open myself to God, that I am nothing without Him, that He is my savior, my friend, and my father who will guide me in choosing the right path.

I am very thankful to my CYA family for bringing me closer to God. Through them, I started to really enjoy my life. Being one of them is a great blessing from God. Having memories and spending time with them is one of my golden treasures of my heart that can never replaced by any material things. Not just them, God also gives me wonderful friends in school. They are my ENERVONS that kept me hyper everyday.
Truly, opening our hearts to the Lord and humbly accepting that we need Him will bring us overflowing joy, love, and peace in living our life here on Earth.

Kahit anong gawin mong iwas sa Kanya, gagawa at gagawa Sya ng paraan para magkita kayo, at forever mong hindi pagsisisihan ang pagkakataon yon. And there will be time that you will become one of His instruments in finding His lost sheep and bring it back to his arms again.

As for me, CYA is God's instrument in finding ME, His one lost sheep.

I know that God is working in your life. JUST PRAY AND KEEP YOUR SENSES OPEN AND YOU WILL FIND IT.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Love, a four-lettered word that gives incredibly astonishing intangible things. Such as light to those who are in darkness, joy to those who are lonely, peace to those who struggle, hope to those who are hopeless, and comfort to those who are 'unloved'. There are many other wonderful things that Love contributes to the wholeness of a person.

At the same time Love - as a one of the important building blocks - also brings destruction to those who gives to much and have it as an 'excessity' - to others and even to his own self. Love can be the cause of failed marriage, unhappy relationships and others.

Love can give us happiness, encouragements to live, and chance to share it to others and change their lives for the better but misused of this powerful intangible word leads to shattered life, unorganized thoughts, unfulfilled life and other chaos events we could think of.

However, there are some of the ways i could think and share to you to prevent this from happening in our lives: Open your self to others, accept who we are, love unconditionally, know the limits, observe and share, establish our self-worth, appreciate the things that surrounds with joyful hearts, grow up with appropriate apprehensions and most effective of all, KNOW GOD AND YOU WILL KNOW WHAT LOVE IS and how it can be shared and positively change a person's life.

Love wisely and Live happily.

Godbless everyone!

GOD loves US ALL..