Friday, August 10, 2012

The Simplest

Its been 2 weeks after my 20th birthday. We celebrated it simply with my family. I think, this was the first time I spent my birthday at home because we do not have car anymore, and I guess this was also the first day the storm Gener struck the Philippines (such a lucky day hahaha!). We just ate simple lunch, spaghetti, taco, and the cake my cya-er sisters gave me. It is not much but I felt happy, it's like I became a bit younger (let's just say, im still 19?? haha!) and even though I did not received gifts but still im happy! (the CAKE was a GIFT, though.. :))))

That day, as I kept on thanking my friends for greeting me, I thought of how blessed I am for having them (Yes cheesy!!) But kidding aside, I realized that when we get older, we change our views of what really are important (Though, gadgets are great help and somehow necessities for everyday's task). But before, celebrating my birthday with a lunch in a restaurant was a big deal. But now? I rather have conversations with my love ones. I believe that these sentiments of giving great value to people around me started when i opened my heart in knowing who God really is to me. I think without knowing Him, I will still be locked up from my old-self and still not be able to express my joy of having these people.

Normally, we (especially kids) wish of something, which actually referring to a thing, when we celebrate our birthdays but I did it differently and I assumed that  I am becoming more mature na (aba tingin ko dapat lang kasi 20 years old na ako haha!).

And I know that this blog is not that good like the others but I just want to say that the Lord truly blessed me with great people. I can't say anything but THANK YOU. hahaha
Im so speechless, gosh.. (Hindi halata noh hahahaha!!!)