Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Attitude :D

For me, Atitude is the way how we perceive things within ourselves and even from our environment.
'How' means the process of our thinking and 'Perceive' means our understanding towards something. This word - Attitude - is greatly applied in unfolding the wonders of what we call "Life".

Life is a very complex word. There are a lot of definitions attached to it from different people with different perspectives.Some define life with negative connotations such as sufferings, pains, difficulties and so on. But others describe life as something positive like happiness, love, having friends and etc. It is definitely true that life can be describe within the two given context but Why  is it people do have different perspectives or views about Life? Some people might argue about this and give their own logical explanations. There could be different answers such as the environment they belong, the influences of their family, their culture, or their own ATTITUDE. Attitude is something personal that people have. They might not be conscious about it but they have.

what I learned in Psychology is that we cannot change our environment but we can change our attitude towards our environment. This realization is supported by some of the books of Andrew Matthews, "Follow Your Heart" and "Being Happy". These books helped me to realize that in able for me to change my environment, I must change my attitude first. We cannot control our environment, the free will of our friends and classmates, the behaviors of our professors, but we can control ourselves. We can change our views about taking challenges or risks like reducing the "load" of the word "challenge" into "letting myself grow". I can support these statements from my personal experiences with my mother.

Before I view her as a "nagger" type of mom, I always get irritated every time she shouted my name to do chores but when I learned to change my attitude towards her behavior to me like im saying to myself that "she only shouted my name due to my slow responses. Okay, I will response to her immediately now." and it works! (I did not say that it worked during the day but it took some time like months) I change my attitude to her "shouting" tone and she also change her approaches to me. However, I sometimes slipped off my tongue and fired up her hot-tempered side of personality but i just keep on reminding myself about my atitude. I also apply this to my friends and classmates in school. And i evaluated my self and i see the progress. Honestly, before i was very hot-tempered and easily get irritated, but now i am more positive in mind (though, my body does not really illustrate the positivism.. hahaha!) and
can somehow control myself.  My change in attitude about challenges brought me to where i am now. I received something that I ,myself, cannot believe that "I CAN". I felt like "is this really me?? :)))" (with a funny face). My parents said "Si Joyce kasi may pagka-late bloomer" and I totally admit it. :))) Atleast it is NOT too late..

In conclusion, I view Life with different difficulities but then these difficulties will be overcome if we change our attitude for the betterWe all have the capacity to change, though it is not that easy and it will take time, but then we will not be able to achieve it if we will not get started. We must exert effort first to make our life moving. We must have to weigh the possibilities of every changes that we will make because every action has its  equivalent results. Be courageous to jump off our comfortable bed and explore life.

God has Beautiful plans for us, we will not be able to know it if we will not going tostand up, walk and start doing change that will greatly affect the way of life that we have now.. :D

I guarantee that we will have the happiness that we haven't experience before.. :)

Godbless and thank you for reading my note.. hahahhaha!

PS im not that really good at this but atleast i started something. Improvement is always at hand.. hahahaha!!